The Mommy Hook

January 18, 2018 MOMsterdam

The Mommy Hook



At the end of last year I had the chance to try an iconic mommy product, the Mommy Hook. Many of you probably know what is this for. However for mommies who have never heard about this buggy accessory , I am going to summarise and after I will show you 3 unique way, how you can use it.


The Mommy Hook fits any stroller or shopping cart handle, and is made from durable, heavy-duty aluminium. Best to use with strollers which has one big handle, since the handle of the stroller is strong enough to keel the hook with all the bags. I have a stroller with 2 handles, and still can use it, just with less weight. The foam grip prevent from slipping or sliding. Just snap it on and you’re ready to roll! This huge carabiner is available in many colours, and you can even find your own way to use it ( just as I did ). 


Let’s see how you can use it. Of course there are the “normal’ ways to be used, carrying bags with an snap it on the stroller. However I found 3 amazing way how this accessory can help us in our everyday life.


Walking a dog

Every day we use to go for 2 big walks. Noel in the stroller, the leash of Pocak is also in one of my hands. So basically I use to push the stroller with one hand only. Not the safest way to go for a walk… I pulled the Mommy hook on my brace and hooked the leash onto the Mommy Hook. Result was, that I could push the stroller with both of my hands, and since the leash was not on the handle of the stroller, it didn’t loose it’s balance. Easy and comfy.


walking a dog the mommy hook done


Making sure you won’t loose a toy

On our stroller, we don’t have a front handle fro Noel, so there is no way to attach or clip his toys there. I made knot on one of his Duplo lion, and clipped to the Mommy Hook. Then attached the Mommy Hook to the stroller. Done! Easy, and you don’t have to knot anything directly to the stroller, so it is super handy if you want to take it off, or change the toy.


toy on strollertoy1


Clothes organiser

I always had a problem finding all the winter clothes for Noel. Coat, hat, gloves, pullover, etc. All of them are so tiny, and don’t really fit on our hanger. In case if they do fit, most of the time I am struggling finding them underneath of our clothes. I found out, Mommy Hook is perfect to collect all the baby winter items, and hang it basically anywhere. Se easy. 





I have been loving this product, you can use it many ways, makes the life of a mom easier. 

If you would like to get to know more about the Mommy hook, visit their page HERE.



Since I really like this product, there will be a giveaway, where you can win one of this amazing accessory. There will be a game on my Instagram and an other one on my Facebook page. Make sure to visit them, follow the rules, and make a chance to win a Mommy Hook! Good Luck for all of you!










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