Paint a picture together – DIY project

November 3, 2017 MOMsterdam

Paint a picture together – DIY project


ready to paint



Is it raining outside? Does your toddler/ baby have way too much energy? I have an fun project to do, together with your little one. Paint! I am totally a crap if we are talking about drawing and painting, but at the end, the picture turned out not that bad. 😀

Let’s see step bay step.


What you will need

  • any kind of colourful paint, acrylic is perfect
  • brushes
  • an old shirt for your baby to be able to get dirty everywhere
  • painting canavas
  • clingfilm




How to do, what to do – step by step

1.) Palce bigger dots ( with loads of paint ) on the canvas. Use all kind of colours, combine them, be brave to create. 

2.) Once your canvas is fill with colourful dots, take a bigger pice of the clingfilm and place it on the top to the canvas. Make sure you cover all sides of the canvas so you won’t have to clean paint form all over the room. 🙂


dots      dots2


3.) Seat you baby in a high chair, to be able to reach the canvas on the table and play around with the paint. Handy if you dress your little one in an old shirt, or something you don’t mind it will be dirty.

4.) Give the canvas ( covered with clingfilm ) to your baby, and let him/ her play around with the colours. He/she can feel the texture of the paint under the foil, but won’t get that dirty. Noel loved to see what is happening with the paint and how the colours combining.

5.) If the canvas is covered with paint everywhere or you just like the overall picture, slowly take off the foil.


artist2 artist


6.) Now it’s your turn. BE creative and give a texture to the paining, use your brush, draw lines, waves, dots, whatever you wish. Don’t let the picture dry before you would give texture to it.

7.) Once your painting is dry, you can go further and create something, give a final touch. I love the fact that we created something together! I tried to paint a tree, but didn’t like it, so at the end I got some kind of tree on fire, during autumn. 😀 


texture              done


Try this idea out, and post it on Instagram with the #diypaintingtogether, so I can check the creations. I am sure, that yours will be 100 times better then ours! 😉


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