5 + 1 newborn must haves

September 15, 2017 MOMsterdam

5 + 1 newborn must haves


The internet is full with lists about stuff you would need for a newborn. In my point of view you can read everything, still you will only know YOUR must haves few months after birth.

I tried to think about accessories what I used every day or almost every day. For sure you can make a list of 100 items at least, ending up using only 10 of them. This is the main reason I decided to write an article about the must haves.


1.) Breast Pump

Believe me it was a life saver! The best solution if you have an electronic one, since the manual ones haven’t got the power, or it takes a lot of time to pump the whole amount of milk. If you don’t plan to breastfeed at all, I would recommend to think about once more. You don’t have to breast feed for a long time if you don’t want to, but the first drops of milk are the finest elixir for a newborn. In those drops there many probiotics. They are responsible to build a thin layer of protection onto the inner wall of the stomach. So even if you don’t plan to breastfeed for a longer period, try it in the 1st weeks, so the baby’s stomach won’t be that super sensitive after.

TIP:  check the Chinese brands as they can be as good as Medela, just half a price. 🙂


2.) Baby Carrier

I have many friends who bought a stroller, and it turned out that their baby is not a fan of being alone in a seat. So they had to look around and buy a baby carrier ASAP ( by the way it is true the opposite way also ). A baby carrier is a super must have if you expecting a baby. My favourite is a starchy wrap/sling ( You can check the one what we use HERE. ) Basically it is a long piece of stretchy fabric. Elastic wraps allow you to knot tight the sling on your body, but still it will be easy to fit the baby inside. I wouldn’t use a buckle carrier with a newborn, but a sling, where the baby can almost melt in one with your body. <3

Look around on the internet, or go to a local shop to try the different type of carriers an decide based on your experience, opinion.


newborn in a carrier



3.) Stroller

This sounds pretty obvious, isn’t it? Well believe me, many people don’t bothered to find a suitable stroller. Some of the parents are only fan of carriers, so they just simply don’t buy a push chair. I would definitely recommend to do so. Who knows? What if you are going to have back issues? Or after a C-section, you can not carry your newborn and go anywhere. It is super handy. And when your baby gets older, heavier it can be a life saver! Be careful and read a lot about strollers! They are tricky. Some of them looks too nice and comfy, but when you go to a shop, you don’t really think about what if he/she will be 7 months old or 1 year old. Take a look at the “big baby” seat as well. Make sure you buy a well design stroller, which will be comfortable for your child even after you change the seat on the buggy.

I think I found the perfect stroller, so if you are interested read the review HERE.






4.) A good thermometer

Not only for newborns, but for you as well. This is something what will be helpful when you have a sick baby, or in the first weeks when midwifes ask you to check the temperature of your newborn once a day. A quick, precise thermometer. For me personally it was very important to be able to use it on the old school way ( so NOT in the ears, mouth, bump, etc. ). I asked many people, some of the recommended the one what you can use in the ears form BRAUN, however my sister told me that based on their experience, it is showing every single time an other temperature, even when they using it 2 times at once. So I lost my trust. Then we asked our kraamzorg (basically a nurse who comes to your place for a few days after birth, and halping you out ). She advised to buy a digital  one from BRAUN ( PRT2000 Age Precision digitale thermometer ).

Since we have been using it, I am in love. You can set the age, so the final temperature will be super precise, having 2 kind of loud sign ( one in case of fever, and the other for lower temperature ). So you don’t even have to look at the screen, you will know immediately if your little one has a fever. Also very fast, takes 3-4 seconds to have the result. The price of this product is very reasonable, around 12-14 EUR, here in the Netherlands.



5.) Bath Inlay

Some of you probably said that this item s really not a must have, as you can give a bath to your baby together with daddy, and one of you can just hold the him/her. Well… This item is a super useful piece of plastic. It works almost the same way as a car seat. The angle of the inlay is a half-lay position so the baby’s head is not under water, but his/her body is. Allows you to have 2 free hands while you giving a bath to your tiny human, or leave him/her there until you get the towel on your shoulder. We used it every single time. When I had to give a bath alone, it was easy and fun for both of us. This is also something the market is full with. Many types, many prices. We have the basic one, nothing fancy or designed. Just a white inlay, and works perfectly. I wouldn’t recommend you to buy an expensive one made of a special material. Fewer can be more sometimes.



inlay      bath inlay



+ 1) Snot sucker

In Hungary we have special plastic tube what you can connect to your vacuum cleaner, and it does all the job. I know it sounds terrible, but I also tried it and it is not painful at all, but very effective. There are some alternatives to this product, like Nose Frida Snot Sucker Nasal Aspirator, or Otrivin baby aspirator. As far as I know these are available on all countries. Best thing ever if your newborn is sick, has stuffed nose and nearly can bread through their nose. After usage you will be able to hear the difference, and your baby will be also relieved. Not to mention that nothing will stuck in their sinus, so you can easily avoid a sinus or an ear infection.




There are many other items can be handy if you have a newborn. Almost every single mom prefers something what the others don’t. This list is my must haves. What is/was your top 5?




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