DIY – matching outfit

September 8, 2017 MOMsterdam

DIY – matching outfit

mom and son


I am sitting on my couch and listening to the rain. It’s raining cats and dogs here. Amsterdam is the city of rain. So I am definitely missing the sunshine from the pictures.

Since my son has been in our lives, I’ve been checking fro those cute matching outfits. There are so many amazing designs, and all of them having terrible prices. Why they cost that much? I ordered one for Father’s day. ( Ordered form Ebay. ) A Jedi master for daddy, and Young Padawan for Noel. Cute, but not high quality at all. Simple design, oversized body for the baby. I had to redesign it into a shirt to fit on Noel’s body. And still only daddy and Noel has a matching outfit. What is with Mommy? 


all you need for the project   cool photo


Not long ago I decided to make a matching outfit for Noel and me. I knew that I need a shirt for him and for myself, and a unique quote or text. Bought my shirt in H&M and Noel’s in Tesco. So started my DIY project right away, and surfed on Pinterest to find a nice text. Nothing was really suitable for us, so I decided to go through on quotes form Disney movies. Love Disney, I knew that I will find something. In 10 minutes I knew what’s gonna be on the shirts. A quote form Winnie the Pooh, what describes us most. It is the following:


” Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. “


Since it is in plural I modified a bit with using the singular form of the words. You can go to any text editor, choose a letter type, and print your sample. I asked my friend to write the sentence for me, since she has an amazing calligraphic handwriting. She had to work a lot with it, but thank you again!!! 😉


On my shirt I had the following text:  ” Sometimes the smallest thing takes up the most room in your heart. “

And on Noel’s shirt : ” The smallest thing “


the smallest    momma's one


I tried to copy the letters on the shirts, but it was a bit difficult, so I made tiny wholes on each letter, placed on the shirt and paint the letters with wholes, so I got a dotted version of the text. The rest was totally DIY, and many times I customised the letters.


dotted text           mummy's one


After I had the text on the shirts made from dots, I formed the letters, with a textile paint, and after it dried I ironed for about 10 minutes.

So check the final look of the mama DIY project.


diy project us :) ready shirts stylish mom and son







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