Little Lollipops

October 24, 2017 MOMsterdam

Little Lollipops



Are you a stay at home mom and wants to go to have fun with your little one? Little Lollipops is made for you then! Sessions where children can learn during they play. We had the chance to try out a class with Lauren, and I was impressed. Had so much fun, and met with other amazing mommies and their kids.


A little bit about Little Lollipops

Little lollipops provides fun, classes in English for children between the age 3 month – 4 years. There are 2 groups available. Baby Bops is suitable for babies between 3 months and 14 months. 

Second group is Popsicles, for toddlers between the age 14 months and 4 years. Since Noel has been walking for almost 3 months now we were invited to this group, even though he is only 1 year old. If you have an active baby you will love this session.

Classes last for 45 minutes, which is perfect, since you children can not focus on one thing for too long. 


little lollipops- fireman where is his head?



The location was in the city centre of Amsterdam in Studio Procelijn ( close to metro station Wibaustraat ). Easy to get there, has a smaller changing area, a toilet, and the actual room where people attend all kind of classes. 

The session had a very nice structure. In the beginning we started with an easy rhymes, we were sitting on the floor, clapping, and singing. After the “welcome” exercise Lauren was building the class gradually. Each song was a bit faster then the one before. After 30 minutes we reached the peak point of the class, had bubbles all around, were playing with musical instruments, etc. There was time for running, dancing and use all those energies what little kids have. The last 15 minutes was a kind of cool down, so everyone could calm down and realise that the class is almost over. We finished the session with the same exercise than in the beginning, so it had a nice frame. 


green ghost parashoot


It was easy to follow the structure of the class for all mommies and babies. Lauren is super, knows the name of all the kids who attend her class, cheerful, and an expert with young children. I loved that we used so many accessories during the class. There were balls, parashoot, musical instruments, scarfs, puppets, bubble machine ( Noel’s number 1 favourite ), etc. Just amazing.

Sometimes I realised that for Noel it was a bit too fast. For example we had a song where everyone got a musical instrument ( shaker eggs, castanets, tinkler, etc. ). Only used the instruments for 1 song. After the song we had to put everything back to the box. Noel would still play with the instruments, or would just touch all of them. He is super curious about every new around him, and love to take his time to get to know them. However it wasn’t a big deal at all. After 2 minutes he was ok to play with the next accessory of the session. It is also possible that he was young for the group as he is only 12 month old, and the average age of the group was around 2 years. 




Overall I loved our morning class at Little Lollipops. It is a super fun way to get to knew new people, and socialise our babies, toddlers. Also there are some special sessions, around Halloween and Christmas time. Would recommend to everyone who wants to learn and have fun in the same time.

In case you would like to get to know more about Lauren and Little Lollipops, please visit their Facebook page.








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