International babywearing week 2017.

October 14, 2017 MOMsterdam

International babywearing week 2017.


Maybe some of you haven’t even heard about the International babywearing week. Every year, at the end of September, beginning of October loads of moms, baby shops, and hospitals celebrating this event. I bumped into this whole story last year, after my son was born. He was only 2 weeks old, when I discovered a post on Instagram about the international baby wearing week. The event came form the United States, but more and more European countries starts to celebrate it year by year.


son on dad


In 2017. I decided to make something special. First I wanted to organise a flashmob, but I was afraid that many mom won’t come, and I will be standing alone on the street, waiting for other moms to dance with me. So I had an other idea.


Thanks for my blog, I started to chat with Hungarian moms living in the Netherlands, and got to know that many of them are part of the Hungarian School in Amsterlveen. Don’t think about a proper school but more a class for kids from 6 month up to 10-12 years. They have many groups with a teachers so kids can learn their mother tongue and have fun in the mean time. We also visited the baby group ( Mushroom group ), and enjoyed a lot to meet babies and their parents. It was super fun. This was the first time the idea of my project came up in my mind.

Since I was a dancer and Zumba instructor back in Hungary, I decided to move with my baby on my back. Tried to make small choreographies, recorded all of them so I could double check how is he doing in the carrier, and how is his head moving around. Since Noel is really into this “dancing together ” thing, I emailed the Hungarian School, and the leader of the baby group to ask what if I make some choreographies and we dance together on the 7th of October to celebrate the international babywearing week.

Not too long after emailing with the directors, I got the approval, and all the parents were also super excited about my plan.

I made 3 choreographies. 2 faster ones and a bachata as a cool down. Loved to do them at home, and figure out all the steps. It was challenging as well, since I knew that others who I am going to meet with and teach them has maybe no dancing skills. So it had to be easy to follow, but still good enough to challenge them. Every time I was working on the tracks I had Noel on my back, so he could “tell” me if the step I made was not a comfortable one.




The day has come, 7th of October 2017. I was so excited to have this 30 minutes dance in the morning. We arrived to the school, helped each other to put our babies in the carriers. Some of the babies were on the front and some of them on the back of their mamas/papas. I gave a bit of information why is that week/weekend was special, so we could really put our heart in our feet.

All the moms and dads were dancing behind me. They were super cool, and I am so proud of them! We laughed a lot and enjoyed dancing together. Not only as a team, but as mom/dad and their own child. It was magical. I felt the energy is exploding in the room. The energy of LOVE.

It made me happy that I could introduce the babywearing week for many parents. I feel I have to make something, to spread the world with happy moms, and happy babies. This was only my 1st try, and hope to have many more.





Few moments from one of the choreographies. ( sorry I speak in Hungarian on the video )






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