Liliputi Buckle Carrier Review

September 4, 2017 MOMsterdam

Liliputi Buckle Carrier Review


As some of you know my son was sick for about 2 weeks, so we had a rough time comforting him. Sometimes he was just on my lap, cuddling or trying to sleep. However sleep didn’t come that easy. Many times I just put him in our carrier and went for a walk with Pocak the sausage dog. During one of our walk I realised how much I love this buckle carrier and decided to write a bit more deeply about it. 

Hi Mom!


About the brand, Liliputi

Liliputi is a Hungarian brand creating products in connection with baby wearing, and babies in general. They are not a big company or multi. Nothing like that. But a family company, which has grown a lot in the last years. Also a reason of their size, the atmosphere in their shops is like in a cozy living room with nice people who are there to help you.  All of their products come from Szombathely, made in their own little manufacture. They are working closely with Hungarian designers, to be able to create unique and awesome products with an eye catching design. Check out their website, and look around HERE.



As I mentioned above, the company is working together with Hungarian designers, so every product is unique. What I love about this fact, that they made whole collections from one design, so you can buy whatever you need in one design and wear the whole collection together. At this point Liliputi has 6 collections with all kind of accessories.


Skully design


The Skully Buckle Carrier

When my son turned 3-4 months I got the buckle carrier from the Skully collection. It was a Christmas present form my father ( and got the mama coat form the same collection from my mother – Yeeeey! ). We used a Liliputi stretchy wrap from birth what I loved as well, but since we travelling between Hungary – Amsterdam a lot by plane, I needed something with an easier system, and also to be able to wear my baby on my back after a while. I was extremely happy with the carrier, installed for my body, and tried next day on a family lunch. Worked perfectly.

As most of the buckle carriers it has a newborn inlay. It is connected to the carrier with velcro, so it makes the inlay a bit adjustable. For me the best for newborns is still a stretchy wrap, since it keeps the baby close to you, they can have the same kind of feeling as they had in the belly. We used the inlay until 6 month at least, since my son is not a chubby baby, and he was swimming in the carrier for a while without the inlay. 😀 However it doesn’t matter at all as he has been loving it, so as I!

You can use the carrier for any babies between 3.5 kg – 20 kg. Which means that you can actually use until 5-6 years ( depends on your child weigh ). Even later at age 3-4 it can be a life saver on a long day in the city, or during hiking.


on my back          carrier


Unfortunately there are still a lot of carriers on the market, which has the world facing position. Carrying baby facing out, can overstimulate them, not to mention the position of the legs.  When your baby is facing forward with unsupported legs, they are not simply dangling but the baby’s spine and hips are unsupported too. So basically they are hanging on your belly in the air. The ideal carrier has holding points under the knees (starting from the back of the knees ), and having soft material, so the carrier can fit exactly to the natural shape of the baby’s back.



( Sorry, the picture is only available in Hungarian, so here is a summary what does it say. The first line presents the disadvantage of an old school baby carrier, which gives no support to the legs, doesn’t curve the shape of the baby’s spine, and places the baby’s weigh only on their groin. In the second line, with the Liliputi ergonomic  buckle carrier, all the previously mentioned issues are corrected. )


All of the Liliputi carriers are ergonomic, forming the shape of the babies spines. They have no front out facing position, but you can carry your little one face to you, on your back, or on any of your sides/ on the hips. I m not a doctor, but have read a lot about this subject, and many orthopaedist wrote against carrying a baby facing out, or having an inflexible carrier. Of course nothing is black and white, so I would say to look around before you would buy any carriers, try them and decide with you mother instinct. 🙂




Random things I love about Liliputi Skullly buckle carrier

1.) It is so colourful! Love that they used many shades of blue and grey.

2.) Awesome design! Has little skulls on it, but they are not horrific, or frightening, but cute! Many people think that they are owls or that the carrier has a graphic of an old school computer game.

3.) Comfy! Noel loves it. It hat to be comfortable for him, otherwise he wouldn’t be that chilled there. And it is comfy for me as well.

4.) It can dress you! Sometimes it is great accessory of my outfit.

5.) I can open and close the buckle with one hand, but it doesn’t open by itself, and strong enough to keep your baby safe in the carrier.

6.) Easy to wear. Doesn’t matter if my husband or I am the one who wears, we can easily adjust the size.

7.) My hubby also likes the way of baby carrying with this product

8.) It has a sun protector/ sleeping hoodie part what you can unzip if you don’t need. And it has the same design as the carrier, not only a black or grey extra fabric.

9.) I always get compliments if I am wearing Noel in this carrier. 😉


dad <3


There is only one little thing I miss from this product. It would be so nice to have a tiny pocket on one of the straps. A tiny pocket for my phone or keys when we are only going for a walk with our dog. But that’s all. I love this carrier from the very bottom of my heart, and would recommend to anyone who would love to have a quality and unique carrier, with awesome design, on a reasonable price.








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