1 year old – Happy birthday

September 25, 2017 MOMsterdam

Happy 1st Birthday, Noel


Happy birthday my baby boy!

I can not believe that 1 whole year has passed since I gave birth to You. It is insane how fast time can fly. You are 1 year old. You can walk, run, dance, eat by yourself, talk on the sweetest baby language I’ve ever heard, and a lot more. Exactly one year ago, at 2.36 PM I got to know your face, your voice, your eyes, YOU. It was the most powerful day filled with strength and huge waves of emotion I’ve ever lived. After 43 hours of labour, you were laying on my chest while I was shaking like a jelly pudding. It didn’t matter at all, I was holding you with my hands, could not grasp it that we did it and you’ve arrived to the world. We didn’t have a complete hour to enjoy the famous “golden hour” , but 40 minutes for sure. After I soaked your smell and feeling of your warm little body, the nurses and doctors wiped you, and swaddled you in a big cosy blanket, so you could go, enjoy some daddy time, while I needed a tiny surgery. Labour and delivery was our first journey together and already what a story, what a powerful memory.


labour  birthaday - seconds after


After 3 days in the hospital, we got the best news ever, that we can take you home. Your first car ride was easy and short, as it lasted only 5 minutes maximum. Entered the house, placed you on the table in the carseat. Gave a big hug to Pocak, as he haven’t seen us for 3 days, and also introduced you to him. He was way too excited about the fact that we are all home again, so only realised a few hours later, that something has changed. He was curious about you. Every time we put you in the cot, he stood up on the handle of the couch and staring at You. Loved this picture!



I had no time to realise that your first Christmas arrived. We had an other exciting journey together. The first flight to Hungary. Well… You were not a kind of baby who was sleeping all through the flight. It was a hectic flight, with breastfeeding on the plane, huge poops ( 2 times after each other…hahaha ), and a bit of fussiness. However all these things are you, so I don’t mind at all.

This Christmas was so different than the others before. I had a feeling that all my pieces together, enjoyed family time even more, my soul was filled with love, and I couldn’t do anything else but smile. We were attending on our family celebration with you and your daddy created a new family in our big family. What a joy!


Xmas 2016.


What? 6 months old already? On the 29th of March your first tooth has arrived, hurray!!!! You are unique on many ways. You have a unique, special heart as we know, so you also had to have an unusual trick with your teeth. Usually the lower teeth come first and then the uppers. However you preferred to do it on the other way. So your first tooth popped out on the upper side. 


At 7 months, you stood up the first time. We were sitting on the puzzle mat on the floor. You reached your toy box, and stood up while staring at me with a huge smile on your face. Probably you wanted to tell me – ‘ Look mommy, I can stand! I am so cool! ‘ – Well, you are still super cool! 😉


Not so long after you stood up, you started to walk next to the furnitures. Sometimes you just used mommy’s and daddy’s legs to stand and walk. Every time you reached something you dressed in smile, and joy what made us laugh every time. 


At around 11 month you rocked, and started to walk by your own. You refused the help of our hands, just wanted to do everything on your own. We had to buy your first real shoes, so we could go out and enjoy the weather on the tiny playground nearby. Seeing you walking in your shoes, is one of the cutest thing I have ever seen. Can’t get enough of it.


adidas shoes   shoes


You are 1 year old now. A thought after I write down my thoughts about the passed year, I will be able to grasp that your are not a tiny baby anymore. Well it is a bit hard to accept that you are growing this fast, but this is life I guess.

I love you more than anything on this whole World, thank you for being my son and teaching me how to be a better mom, a better person day by day. You made me understand what family and unconditional love means. You were a missing a piece of puzzle, who made our life complete. Thank you for making all of my days unforgettable . I can’t wait for the million of fun memories to come with You, Daddy and Pocak. Because we’ are a family forever.


Happy 1st birthday Noel. I love you!





birthday 09.25
























Happy birthday




How did you feel when your little one had their 1st birthday? I would happy to hear your stories!

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