My name is Flora, originally form Hungary but currently living in Amsterdam with my husband, Jozsi, our son, casino 25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung, Pocak.

My hubby’s been living here for a while, to be proper for about 17 years. I moved here in September, 2012. because of him. Since then we’ve been enjoying every day here.

Since I moved to Amsterdam my life has changed. not only because of the country but because of the best online slots where you can pay by mobile casino sites. I used to be a dancer, zumba instructor, and camp organiser. My life was about working with kids, and teaching them in a creative way. I could do almost everything since I was living with my mom, and I had to work mostly in the afternoons, for 3-4 hours a day.

I moved here, and had to give up teaching and dancing. However I learned new skills, and the way how a normal job looks like. Under normal job I mean working 8+ hours a day, and having maximum 2 days off a week, plus the max 25 days holiday allowance a year. It was a hard time, but I am grateful that I have learned al these lessons.

Now I am a confident and happy woman with an amazing family. I face challenges every day, which makes me feel stronger day by day. I am in the begging of a new journey by trying to be a working mom, and enjoying family time.


What is this blog about? Well I guess I will just start somewhere, and having easy articles about motherhood, how is a day in our life as expats. Maybe some reviews about random stuff, or just
sharing some pictures of mine.

So nothing super serious. And for sure this is something for us as well, since this platform is also a kind of diary, (hopefully) after years I will have something to read on, and have nice flashbacks from our gratest memories.